The Lung Carburetor

Developed in Montreal


Louis-Pierre Fortin, ing.
Gabriel Tremblay Grenier
Dr. Jean-Francois Bouchard
Frederic Lauzon
Sylvain Brisebois, ing.

The Lung Carburetor ("TLC") was initiated to help in the fight against COVID-19.
Our goal is to enable the medical industry, individuals, and organizations across the globe to build reliable ventilators, and to help to save lives by providing a critical and accessible instructional tool.


The reactive spirit of the open source/DIY (Do It Yourself) community makes us incredibly proud. We’ve seen various new concepts involving home-made ventilators to assist in the fight against COVID-19. Most, if not all of the new DIY ventilators, however, are somewhat lacking in reliable and robust control functions - the control loop. Reliability is critical. Our team of experienced medical device designers have endeavored to produce the most flexible and modular system possible. The Lung Carburetor platform can thus be adapted to different DC motors, displays, or power sources - but, at the heart of the platform remains the control loop.

The Team - How it started

When he read about the Code Life Challenge, Gabriel Tremblay Grenier, thought about bringing together a highly talented team of out-of-the-box thinkers. With his skills in user interface design and coding, he proposed to build the UI to operate the machine.

Louis-Pierre Fortin who started his tinkering career by cutting 2 cars in half and reassembling the two halves into a fully functional vehicle. He worked for Google as a mechanical engineer and is now designing medical and industrial robots in (and outside) of Montreal.

Dr. Jean-Francois Bouchard is notorious in Gabriel’s home region of Charlevoix, Quebec, where at a young age, JF built a functional and autonomous utopia, including energy, food and water sources, as well as transportation systems. He’s now director of a medical division at a hospital in Sept-Isles, Quebec.

Frederic Lauzon is a coding wizard and the brains behind the firmware. Frederic managed a team of software engineers who developed firmware for a robotic medical platform that currently performs countless operations.

Sylvain Brisebois is a *ware engineer. He begin his career by doing R&D support as a technician and by the time complete his degree and now work as a multi-disciplinary engineer. Electronics is a passion form him, and he doesn't consider his job as a job, but a paid pass-time. He's the guru behind the electrical design of the project.

The team is additionally supported by an array of external contributors, including respiratory therapists, engineers, planners, thinkers, family and friends.


We’ve been lucky to be able to count on the dedication and talent of all our collaborators.

Vidara Thangvilay
ISO Standard Specialist
Alexandre Fortin
Video Editor
Shahbaz Youssefi
Software Engineer
Sébastien Quevillon
Manufacturing Engineer
Pier-Philippe Rioux
Graphic Design
Martin Leroux
Control Engineer
Émilie Pilote
Ronald J. Stern
Sach Baylin-Stern
Adam Galarneau
Software Developer
Yoan Piché
Electrical Engineer
Nicola Sauriol
3D Printing

Special Thanks

We also want to thank those humans for their support:

Éric Pouliot
Loic Martin Rouillard
Raymond Rouillard
Michael Coutu
Léa Jarry
Pierre-Alexandre Vincent
Sylvain Lebeau
Nicolas Ouellet

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